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Christ.....I hate exams. These ones are no exception. I think I'll do alright.....but all the same. Maths exams. Grrrr. Biology exams. Double grrrr.

Anyway.....nine days and counting until I graduate. Wowee. Ticket's booked to fly down to Melbourne for a week. No way in hell that I'm going to the Gold Coast. The thought of getting drunk off my arse is not a very pleasant one. In the few drinking experiences I've had....I know that I'm not exactly the most congenial of people when under the influence. Erk.

Angelique, the Elias fic should be in your mailbox by now. Enjoy, dear! *hugs* Mwah.

Hee, Frasier's on at the moment....Roz is insinuating to Gil that he's gay when he isn't. Gawd, it's funny. Think I'll sit down and watch before getting back to the study.
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