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*happy sigh*

Watched Spidey just before....gah. Willem Dafoe still rocks on as Norman. Even when my sister is paying him (and me for liking him) out. The DVD rocks, in fact. And I can't recommend it highly enough. Lots of cool extras....also can't recommend watching the outtakes highly enough. They're funny enough to induce thoughts of a parody fic. XD

What else....Thursday I had my last official day of classes. Most of the seniors trashed the school and about half of 'em jumped into the pool when they weren't supposed to. They of course got in trouble.

I have to start thinking about Christmas shopping. Yes, already....if I don't do it now then I'll leave it too late. I'm graduating in two weeks. I want to make sure I get most of what I need to do before then done.

Oh, and Angelique? If you're reading this, I've got most of the Elias fic written. I'll be sure to send you a rough draft of it as soon as I polish the roughness up a little. ^_^

And, something for my Slytherin-loving friends (ok, you probably have seen this by now, but I'm sharing anyway)

Glory, Lucius is gorgeous. As is Snape, as always.

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