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Filmed video for Ancient history this afternoon. My group have done drugs use in ancient civilisation. I had to pretend to be really sucked, but Rachel did let me play Elias while she explained contemporary drug use in America. So there I was, Motown playing in the background, military dog tags and cross around my neck, pretending to smoke a joint while she talked about how soldiers in Vietnam used it as an escape.

Erk. I don't think I'm going to do that again. Not for a while, anyway.

Poetry presentation tomorrow. More or less ready. Meaning of Life essay for RE finished. Computer assignment pretty much done.

Now, two more exams and then I'm as good as free. Yes!

In other news....some idiot's been posting spam-ish comments in my two RP journals on Lj. I'm annoyed, yes. Think I'll delete the comments....God, people like that piss me off.

Now, on a more positive note...*welcomes baileygirl to her friends list*
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