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Blues Brothers is on Saturday night! Yah! That film kicks arse! Dan… - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
Blues Brothers is on Saturday night! Yah! That film kicks arse! Dan Akroyd was younger, thinner and hotter when he made it. Rock on....I am definitely watching it. And I think I'm going to put on something from the soundtrack now, cause I'm in the mood to do so. :D

I really am hyped this evening...I think I had too much sugar this afternoon.

And what an afternoon. It's hot. Really hot. We had careers in the boarding school dining room this afternoon. I was just about ready to wilt like a dead flower. Unbelievably boring, hot and since I just really hate Wednesdays, really fed up.

I had to walk home in the heat this afternoon too. Ack. I need to stop carrying so many textbooks. It's not doing my right shoulder any good to be having such a heavy bag on it.

1) What's one of the funniest movie moments you can remember right now?
Um.....that scene in Monty Python at the Meaning of Life, where the French waiter is talking about his Mother and vocation in life and at the end he's like 'Well, it's not much of a philosophy, but......fuck you! I can live my own life if I want to!'.

2) What's the creepiest movie moment you've ever seen?
The end of Silence of the Lambs. That really got me when I first saw it.

3) Ever had one of those movie moments where you just wish you could crawl into the film and live there? What movie was that?
Allll the damn time. Too many movies to list that I've wanted to step into. More than the others though, Moulin Rouge.

4) What's the most powerful movie moment ever caught on celluloid?
Sgt. Elias' death scene in Platoon, hands down. I don't really cry when watching films....but when he was running for the helicopter, and he fell to his knees there in the mud, his arms thrown out like Christ....ah God, I was inconsolable. I still am when I watch it.

5) What's the first movie moment you remember?
I think it was one of musical numbers in Aladdin....boy, that was ages ago. Nearly ten or eleven years.

6) Have you ever seen something on film you wish you could un-see? What movie was that?
The Man Who Cried. :-p That film really sucked. Sure, Johnny Depp looked pretty hot in it, and Cate Blanchett tried her best, but otherwise.....ech.

7) Name a movie moment that made you long to fall in love.
Colonel Brandon (Alan Rickman) courting Marianne (Kate Winslet)with poetry in Sense and Sensibility. Ahhhhh....wonderful.

8) Has a movie moment ever made you go out and do something you hadn't done in a while, or had never done before? What was it?
I saw 'The Count of Monte Cristo' earlier this year...enjoyed it so much that I took fencing as one of my activities classes. t'was really cool learning how to handle a sword and everything.

9) Got a crush on an actor or actress? What was the movie moment that did it for you?
I've got many actor crushes, but the one I'll talk about is Willem Dafoe, as...well, I find it easy to talk about him ^^;. I mean, when I was 14-15 I began to have a thing for him (as I'd seen his brilliant performances in Mississipi Burning and Shadow of the Vampire), but it was seeing him as Norman Osborn in Spider-Man that clinched it for me. The mirror scene, without a doubt. The Jekyll/Hyde thing he had going on, conversing with himself in the mirror and in that wonderful silk robe....I was well and truly smitten.

10) Do you have one of those movie moments you just can't get enough of? The kind you rewind and play over and over again? What is it?
Probably the one scene I like to replay in a film, is the one in Platoon where the soldiers are getting high. Don't ask why, but that scene, for some odd reason, with the Motown music and the drunken dancing......I just like it. Ok, I do have my reasons...eg. a dream about it that I'm not going to talk about. So yes.

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