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Fuck me.

Nearly 200 lost, according to the news.

Stuff like makes you think.

Jesus, we live in a screwed-up world. If there's not a bomb blast on a club in Bali, there's a sniper in Washington who's killing off random people just like that. And if it's neither of those, there's a war on terror in the making against an Iraqi dictator, courtesy of a President (no offense to those of you who are Dubya Bush supporters) who has publicly declared that the fact that "He tried to kill my Dad...." as one of his motives for declaring war.

Fucking hell. Ok, maybe the world's better being slightly screwed up......but all this. It's getting out of friggin' hand.

One of the Ljers on the Aussie Lj community just posted discussing the thought of whether if we're being too forward in blaming Al Qaeda for the nightclub disaster. To be perfectly honest? Yes, I think we are. Something explodes? People are killed? Blame Al Qaeda for it. I'm not sticking up for them or anything, but it doesn't really seem like a possibility to me.

Why, why, would international Islamic terrorists target Bali, which has a Muslim population?

Yes, it's very much a terrorist act, but I don't think it's one targeted at Christian or Jew 'infidels'. I think the terrorists' motive was something based upon Indonesian politics or something along those lines....

I seriously don't think Al Qaeda would bomb a nightclub. They'd bomb the American/Australian embassies, or hit even closer than that and actually attack a landmark here, like Parliament House.

*sigh* Rant over. Just had to get that out of my system.

And on a final note, my condolances to any of my Aussie Lj friends who might've lost someone.

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