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What. A. Sunday.

Church this morning. I was sitting in the fourth row, minding my own business, half entrenched in sleep, half listening the the choir singing in the little offertory part.

There's an old guy, John, who sits in front of me and Andrew. He's a volunteer worker at St Stephens, hands out hymn sheets and that kind of thing. I would say he's in his seventies, and he unfailingly attends every weekend with his sister Carmel, who I would say was around the same age.

Anyway....during the creed, John sat down. I didn't think anything was wrong then....but then at the beginning of offertory, he just.....slumped in his seat. Just like that. And those around him, (Me, Andrew, Carmel, this other woman, and a few other regular parishioners) had no clue.

And then, the colour just drained from his face. He was the most scary shade of pale. And neither Andrew or I knew what to do. I sorta began panicking and wondering what on Earth I could do. And Andrew was trying to keep calm, except he was kinda panicking too.

So the other parishioners loosened his tie, called him an ambulance, we gave him space on the pews. About five minutes later, he was helped out. The whole time, I felt like I was about to pass out myself. I seriously thought he was going to die.

But he didn't, thank God. Andrew reckons he suffered a heart attack, or more likely a stroke. Apparently he doesn't have good blood pressure or something....

But anyway....I'm guessing he's alright, for now. I wish I could've done more than just pray for him. Maybe it'd make a bit of sense to learn CPR or something like that so I don't panic as much next time.....

I wish I wouldn't lose it situations like that. It really bugs me.

And, in other news....after Andrew and I left, he told me about his little trip to Melbourne to check out Corpus Christi.

In short, he's re-thinking his vocation after talking to the priests down there. Is kind of thinking that maybe becoming a priest isn't the right direction to go.

I'm not entirely sure what to make of it....sure, it's kind of good news. But...I don't know. I just hope he makes the right decision for himself.

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