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What Dogma character are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

1) What's on your bedside table? Lamp, a tipping dish from an old Holland America ocean liner, alarm clock, photo of me and my maternal half-brothers, a little Japanese box, some jewellery....

2) What's the geekiest part of your music collection? mmm, some of my classical, some of the eighties stuff and definitely a bit of the fifties/sixties stuff.

3) What do you eat when you raid the fridge at night? Don't really raid the rdige for food.....I usually raid it for orange juice.

4) What is your secret guaranteed weeping film? Platoon and Mississipi Burning. Platoon because it's just so fucking unfair that Sgt. Elias had to die. I always cry my eyes out at that part. Mississipi Burning cause the injustice of what happened to the blacks in the south in the 60's was just so wrong.

5) If you could have plastic surgery, what would you have done? me! I don't know if this counts as plastic surgery, but I'd have my moles removed, cause without sunblock, I'm more or less a walking attraction for cancer. :-p

6) Do you have a completely irrational fear? Spiders. 'nuff said.

7) What is the little physical habit that gives away your insecure moments? Wringing my fingers or fiddling with anything nearby.

8) Do you ever have to beg? My younger sister, sometimes....

9) Do you have too many love interests? Er....heh, not many realistic ones.

10) Do you know anyone famous? I wish. :-P

11) Describe your bed.'s big, it's comfortable and it has most of my clothes hanging over the end of it. Yes.

12) Spontaneous or plan? There is a time and place for spontaniety. :D

13) Who should play you in a movie about your life? Nicole Kidman. ^_^ Well, she was going to play me in the PHF movie, if I wasn't mistaken.

14) Do you know how to play poker? No clue. *waits for poker nuts to take advantage of her lack of skills*

15) What do you carry with you at all times? Student ID, rosary beads, holy pictures, mobile card, lip balm.

16) How do you drive? Non-existantly. I'd hate to think what I'd be like at the wheel. :-p

17) What do you miss most about being little? Not having any whopping pieces of assessment to do.

18) Are you happy with your given name? Yes.

19) What was the last song you were listening to? Creedence Clearwater Revival- Fortunate Son. *sings* It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate one.....

20) Have you ever been in a school play? Plays when I was in primary school, and in grade nine I was in the chorus for the high school musical. Much fun.

21) Have you ever been in love? Yes. Several times.

22) Do you like yourself and believe in yourself? I would like to think so.

23) Have you ever done any illegal drugs? No.....I stay away from all that.

24) Do you think you're cute? Cute in the sense of 'strange but interesting'.

25) Do you consider yourself to be a nice person? Uh, yes I guess so.....well, I try to be.

Annnnnnd it seems the Spidey dvd is coming out a day earlier than I thought it would here. Yaaaaaah! October 30th! *does the happy dance* ASAP, I'm going out to get it. Must have it.

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