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Well, I came back to school today.

I feel tired and exhausted already. Ok, maybe not so much that, but I feel depressed. I have three assignments due in the next three or so weeks. Oh well. Could be alot worse.

I managed to scan some stuff today for my english extension. Pics from the Platoon dvd booklet. If any of the Norman fans are on tomorrow afternoon (heh...that's late at night over their way, if I'm not mistaken), I'll have to give them a bit of a look. :)

Oh well. Just a little over a month left until I graduate, and then I'm free! Well, until I get into university that is. If I do get in. OP talk makes me nervous, though Andrew claims I have nothing to worry about.

And speaking of him, he's flown down to Melbourne to talk to some people about seminary stuff. I hope it goes well....

What else is new......I played around with my Lj colour scheme. Ok, it is pretty ugly, but I like it. Also played with the Lj comment thing (can you tell I'm a geek yet?). And I made a pretty new icon. Yes, tormented!Norman to a lyric of Pearl Jam. Verrry nice.

Now, off to update my fanlisting with new members.

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