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AMP Ad: What do you look forward to?

What do I look forward to?

Meh, finishing school and becoming a bigger academic success in university than I was in high school. Finding everything that I want. Veritas. Eudaemonia. Whatever you'd like to call it....that something. All-encompassing satisfaction out of life.

Learning a few new languages. Maybe I could take up something in my spare time next learning how to dance or improving my meagre cooking skills. So many options.

Summer in Italy (yes, I did borrow that from the ad), Autumn in America, Winter in Russia, Spring in England.

Anyway, that's what I look forward to. There you go.

For someone on holiday, I'm feeling under remarkable pressure. I'm trying to write a new chapter of one of my stories with virtually no inspiration (thy muses have abandoned me) behind it. It's looking pretty sucky at the moment. And I'm under pressure from a few people I know to finish it, since there hasn't been a new chapter for about two months. I said I'd finish it this week.....I don't think that's going to happen. :(

I've also agreed to co-design a website for this RP I'm in....I've come up with ideas and stuff.....urgh, it's just a matter of getting it off the ground.

And there's other things to think about. Andrew's birthday is this month. A very good friend of mine is celebrating hers in a couple of days. I'll have to go present shopping at a later date. I went out today with Mum (bought some new MiB-ish sunnies. Aren't I just the coolest? *geeky grin*), but I didn't exactly see anything that screamed 'I'm the perfect gift!'.

mmm, I'm worried about my American friends that I RP with, Ang and Al. I think I bother them at the wrong time over when we can RP or not. Honestly, if either of them (or any of my other RPing friends for that matter) have enough IM windows as it is, I will leave them alone until a better time. I hope they know that.

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