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Tim Freedman from the Whitlams (the man I want to marry now that Andrew's more or less out of reach) is cheering for Collingwood! Go him! And he's performing in the Grand Final! Yay!

That caps off a rather good morning. My brother, sister-in-law and nephew are here to watch the AFL Grand Final, the most important day in September for my Dad and alot of other people.

It's actually better than I thought it'd be.....I mean, my nephew is really a great kid (not being biased or anything of course....would I really be like that when on the subject of my own relatives? Of course not. *innocent look*). He has the biggest blue eyes I've ever seen....they're of Frodo Baggins proportions. And he's rather well-behaved.

I mean, I've never been that good around babies before he was born....but now I've fed him and played with him (my rather pathetic attempt at juggling kitchen utensils was rewarded with a smile, I'm happy to say)'s actually kinda fun. I'm getting a soft spot for kids. Go me.

And, on a final note.......go the Magpies!

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