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Highlights from this evening's activities....

My Uncle and Aunt who reside in Melbourne have been up here for the last two or so weeks for last week's reunion. They were accompanied by their two children, my cousins, five year-old Eleanor and three year-old Camille.

Small children. mmmm....babies are alright. I have no problem bouncing my little nephew on my lap, but toddlers? I'm not so good with them.

However, Eleanor (we generally call her Nelle) seems to have some kind of awed respect for both me and my sister. She looks upon us as if we're celebrities or something.

The beginning of their time here, Nelle stood watching me cut up bread and then she tagged on my skirt and proclaimed that she was going to follow me around most of the evening. Hmph, said my mind, ka-ching! went my face. There is something flattering about being told that by a small kid. She didn't though(her and Camille ended up in the study with Maryke, playing the computer).

But, never underestimate a child's ability to surprise.

Towards the end of the evening, Nelle wandered over to me. The dialogue went something like this:

Nelle: Can I please whisper something private in your ear?

Parents, Aunt and Uncle: *watching in amusement*

Me: Uh, okay.

Nelle(whispering very loudly): Where's the baby?

Me: >_0 Uh, what?

Nelle(out loud): Where's your baby?

My cousin mistook me for my sister-in-law, the mother of my nephew. Was somewhat lost for words for a moment, but I managed to laugh about it.

And then after they left and I cleared things from the dinner table, I hung around in the study. Steve Irwin happened to be on the TV, messing around in Indonesia or somewhere like that, going 'Crikey!' over a female Orangutan's breasts.

I stayed for about two minutes before I decided that I'd watch the Blackadder series three dvd. Time well spent, I say.

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