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Beware, people. According to a few girls in my ancient history class, I'm the reincarnation of Seneca. Mwah.

Geez, I didn't know the full extent of my geekiness until now. Damn.

We watched Fellowship of the Ring in ancient today. The girls next to me provided a running comedy of just how cute Frodo/Sam/Merry/Pippin/Aragorn were at certain moments, and how much they hated Saruman for beating Gandalf up. At one point, my teacher returned from getting something from his office doing his own impersonation of Frodo after he was stabbed by the morgul (or was it nazgul?) blade. I've never laughed so hard in my life.

As of late, I've noticed the girls in that class tend to, after I finish telling the latest news of my life, shake their heads like a parent at a mischievious kid and go 'oh, Steph' and laugh. My teacher says I need to stop treating my life as if it's a tragicomedy and be happy.

Hey, Magister. Maybe I'm this way because my life is a damned tragicomedy. I mean, my Dad's constantly on my back, I'm trying to keep up my results without stressing out and I've had to deal with my bf leaving me to traipse off to the priesthood and whatever else. Cut me some slack here. All things considered, I think I'm handling things pretty well. I don't know anybody else who could laugh or smile over these things.

Oh, yes. Two weeks of freedom start tomorrow! Hurrah! Holidays are very good indeed. More time to IM and do stuff I feel like. More power to me.

Of course......when I get back to school afterwards, I'll have four weeks of high school left. Christ, that's scary.

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