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mmm....I love this song. I love the Whitlams in general. Tim Freedman looks and sounds like Andrew, only slightly older. Very nice indeed.

I stayed out longer than usual today. Andrew and I had a long debate about history, religion, church hierarchy and as usual, my hopes for the future. I guess as someone who's been there and done that, he's a little cynical about some things. Still, he wants the best for me, and I'm happy knowing that.

We wandered through the city, and that Macy Gray song from Spider-Man came on (since the inner city near the mall seems to have this music constantly playing on speakers) and for a moment, I felt like I was in NY for that Unity Festival scene. My mind wandering off into fantasy-land as usual.

I am on exam leave this week.

My exam timetable goes something like this:

Monday: 8:30-10:30- English. An analytical essay on Othello. Dull. Why couldn't we have done Hamlet like Andrew did when he was in school?

Tuesday: 8:30-10:40- Maths A. Arg. Bearings, scale, area, perimeter, problems involving triangles, probability-type stuff. Woo.

Wednesday: 8:30-11:30- English Extension. A presentation on Tolkien's Fellowship of the Ring. I'm going to be so glad when this one's over. I've been dreading it all term.

1:30-3:00- Ancient History. A 'Guess which Philosophy school this statement comes from?' kinda test, with justification needed. Am relatively sure I can pull it off, no problem.

Thursday:8:30-11:00- Biology. *curses self for picking such a knowledge-intensive subject* However, genetics are my strong suit, so at this point, it's boding well for me.

And after that, well, I'm free. No more exams for a few weeks. Thursday after biol I'm off to see Andrew. Wednesday I'll probably go to some kind of church service after my exams....I'll rant about 9/11 on the day. You can hear my rather dull 'Where was I when I heard the news?' story and rant then.

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