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What can one say when one's beloved pet cat passes away?

We've owned our Siamese for nearly ten years. Today, Mum took him to the vet and had him put down.

He was old. Very old. Quite old. He was practically a bag of bones and according to the vet, he had a tumour on his ear. Probably good that the vet put him down. No point in living in a old, tired body like that. I knew that it was happening and everything, I just didn't expect to feel so miserable when I came home this afternoon to no obnoxiously loud mewing.

I suppose after you own an animal for a while, you take the fact that they're around for granted. You know that they're going to jump on your lap or demand food or make noises when they're not happy. I think since we owned the poor cat so long, I took his presence for granted, and that's why I miss him so much now.

mmmm.......I really do miss him, and it's only been mere hours since he died. Christ, I sound pathetic here. I think I'll finish this off.

Requiescat in Pace, meus feles.

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