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I couldn't resist.....

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Date Created:2002-03-18
Number of Posts: 162

Steph is a geeky Catholic school girl who believes that Prince Charming's going to bust into her house with a pile of philosophy books singing 'Your Song' with mussed up hair and a pinstripe suit on.
Strengths: friendly, kind, willing to help, eager-to-please, funny (when she feels like it), professional fandom writer.
Weaknesses: Willem Dafoe, Norman Osborn and Catholic priests. Very few you would think, but these are indeed very strong weaknesses.
Special Skills: Provides someone weird for people to talk about at school.
Weapons: Seneca's 'Power of Pessimism' (*sound of collective groan from all people reading this*), knowledge, books, and pumpkin bombs (Kudos to Norman).
Memorable Quote: (before tripping over the same chair twice in biology) I am NOT clumsy!

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Behold just how sad I am. *cowers in the corner*

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