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I haven't updated in three days, mainly because there hasn't been much to report. *sigh* The Spring holidays aren't coming any closer from this point. Assignments and exams to study for, all coming up. I feel driven into the ground again, but since it's Friday night, I'm relaxing a little.

Let's the last two or three days, I've:

...Had my hair cut. I had it coloured the previous week, and now I've had it cut. It's almost kinda pixie-ish. Big change, as I was sick of having shoulder-length hair all the time.

...Decided what my next assignment in English extension will be. I'm doing a study of Joseph Conrad's novel Heart of Darkness and the film Platoon. Yay! Good chance to get the movie out and ogle Willem. :D

...Finished that little quiz of mine, which some of you have already taken. I'm so proud of that. It took me ages to do, but I'm proud of the fact that I actually know how to html a quiz now and am free to do others if I feel like it.

...Scanned that little Norman cartoon that I did. mmm.....I think my drawing skills need work. And perhaps my colouring skills. Tried colouring it in PSP. Suffice to say, it royally sucked. :p

...watched the Meaning of Life in Ancient History. Never, have I seen such a good excuse for Monty Python to be used in a school class. Philosophy rocks! Yaaaaaah!.....*cough* excuse me. That would be my inner geek coming out to play.

Aside from that, it's all been relatively....well, average. I had Wednesday off, so I spent the morning watching my sister's Black Books dvd. Dylan Moran rocks my socks. Especially in that rumpled pinstripe suit with the messy hair. Woo.

mmm, a question to my friends from the Norman Lj community? Should I post my Norman fics (*plug* as showcased on on the Spiderfic yahoo group?

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