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Sentio aliquos togatos contra me conspirare......

I really wish I had more to report at the moment. The latest lj entries have been so boring.....

In the last two days, I have.....

....RPed and IMed alot. Yep, I'm enjoying it. Shout out to my fellow neighbours! *dons her robe proudly*

....Researched genetics for my biology paper. Dull, but needed to be done.

....Mused over whether to buy Homer's The Odyssey, even though I don't need it for anything.

....Bought a card for my nephew's christening and got his present blessed. My older half-sister and I are the sole attendees from my half-brother's side of the family, due to bad family relations. :|

....thought about my future. I need to talk to some people this week about this.....must get onto that.

....Made up some Osborn Sims with much help from my sister. Decided I'm going to do a whole Spider-Man neighbourhood. :)

....watched the Commonwealth Games. It's kinda boring without any American or Russian athletes to provide competition. We Australians are just about winning everything, and it's getting boring. :p

Yes, that's about it. Back to another week of schooling tomorrow. *sigh*
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