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More quizzes.....

Behold the return of the 'Quiz Whore' side of Steph.....

which literary heroine are you?
Which Literary Heroine Are You?
One of Jane Austen's most memorable female characters, you have a striking resemblance to Lizzy Bennett from 'Pride & Prejudice'. You know your place, but you're perfectly happy to question it. You set your standards high, you're smart and, though you're a little judgemental, you only do so when it's justified. Unlike her younger, frivolous sisters, Lizzy is a desired lady, and she striked gold by riding off into the sunset with Mr Darcy himself - perhaps classic literature's sexiest man. So slap yourself on the back - if she can do it, so can you!

Oh yeah! I get stubborn, brooding, handsome Colin Firth! *squee* Yes, I'm very pleased with that result. Can you tell?

A rose by any other name would not smell as sweet.....that random Shakespeare quote comes courtesy of the TV (I'm watching Shakespeare in Love at the moment, since nothing else of note seems to be on.)

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