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My Austin Powers Spy Profile

Stephanie "Fearless" (As if I'm gonna give out my last name here!)

Drawn to extreme sports, adventure and any other type of death defying stunts, you are the first in line to try the latest thrill. Whether it's bungee jumping in New Zealand and snowboarding in the Alps, you are ready for anything!

Vital Gear
Includes a first-aid kit, Gatorade and multi-pocketed cargo pants.

Yep, that sounds like me. *attempts to strike a random spy pose but falls over instead*

And another little survey that seemed a little different from the ones I normally do.

pick a celebrity that you'd... to look like.
Uh.....Cate Blanchett. to date.
You're making me pick? Well, the answer could change tomorrow, but at the moment it's Willem Dafoe. *group of girls scream in horror and back away from me* Those would be my sister's friends. to be friends with.
Willem, James Franco....God there's a million celebrities I'd like to be friends with. If you want to see them all, consult the 'interests' section in my profile. to have as your personal fashion consultant.
Nicole Kidman to drink a beer with.
mmm....Ian Hart.*people stare at her. Who?* to act in a movie with.
Willem, AR and John Hannah....with Baz Luhrmann directing. *grins* to hang out with (doing what?).
James Franco, Elijah Wood....anyone who played a hobbit in LoTR, and Ewan McGregor.

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