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Soooooo, lj, 'sup?

I KNOW, I KNOW, it looks like I just dropped off the face of the earth after making my tenth anniversary post. I have actually been here browsing the comms and reading the friends page, but I didn't honestly feel like posting and I didn't particularly want to update for nothing.

So what brings me back here now then, you ask? FANGIRLING, OF COURSE. The Dark Knight Rises brought me back here because I saw it and had All The Feels about it. Sort of. Well, more about one specific thing.

I was wondering how they were going to use Scarecrow in the movie when it came out that Cillian Murphy was seen on the set. Scarecrow was such an awesome hanging judge. Look at the little wineglass on his bench! Such a ~classy~ touch. Cillian Murphy always looks like a flawless prince in everything he does, and I loved the stubble, the grey in his hair and the scruff on his suit. I was pretty much like *_* when he appeared onscreen. Think they could have done more with the character (I was expecting to him to pull out his mask and unleash the fear toxin on the 'defendents'), but I guess it comes down to time constraints on the actor and what the director wants to do etcetera, etcetera.

I would like to go into further detail about my feelings on the film (ie how I felt like Tom Hardy was trying to channel Patrick Stewart and Brian Blessed at the same time for Bane's voice/accent), but in essence? I enjoyed The Avengers a lot more in terms of this year's comic book films. Could be because I'm not as big a fan of Batman as I am of the Marvel superheroes (although IMO the Batman rogues gallery is far more interesting and enduring than some of the supervillains Marvel has come up with), I compared when I saw this film and The Avengers earlier: both screenings I went to were full of people, and while there was a lot of cheering, clapping and laughing during The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises did not nearly get as much reaction from the audience. I walked out thinking that it was a great ending for the trilogy, but otherwise felt like 'well, that was that'. Not sure they could make a better a Batman movie after this trilogy and if anyone wants to try, they should probably give it at least 15 years before attempting it (this is part of the reason I haven't seen the Spider-Man reboot- it's been just 10 years since the first of the Sam Raimi productions came out and I think that film's aged well enough that I don't want to bother with a reset button).

Also, RIP Christian Bale's Bat-voice.

Next on the must-see list: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter! Out next week and the trailer looked awesome.

So, um, what do you want to know, lj? I am surviving in my delightfully American-style workplace; there is a company picnic in a couple of weeks (such an American thing to do), and my American supervisor (a New Yorker) brought red velvet and peanut butter/chocolate cupcakes for our team last week. The hours can be long and a bit gruelling at times, but I'm dealing with that.

My tv viewing at the moment consists of season 2 of The Borgias (I'm not absolutely hooked, but after playing Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood I am cracking up at all the Borgia/Sforza foe yay), Murdoch Mysteries series 5 (only 3 episodes in, no opinion yet) and I'm supposed to be watching series 3 of Spartacus but I'm not finding a lot of motivation for that yet (although I was excited to here that Marcus Licinius Crassus will finally be appearing in series 4- about damn time!).

Also been doing a lot of reading, a side effect of my bus commute (half an hour in the morning, and anything between 40 and 90 minutes on the journey, depending on the traffic). I joined BookMooch last year in order to give away some books I no longer wanted and receive ones I do want in turn, and courtesy of some kind Americans, Brits, Kiwis and locals I'm slowly making my way through Ellis Peters' Brother Cadfael series. I've watched the series with Sir Derek Jacobi but hadn't really bothered with the books before, so I'm giving them a crack. Also have Lyndsey Faye's 'The Gods of Gotham' to read. I feel slightly disturbed at all the crime and mystery books I've been reading, particularly when I used to feel kind of meh about the genre.

I will contrive to not leave as large a gap between updates next time. Perhaps I should start reviewing what I read? I kind of hate that I need to find reasons to post now when I used to do it without any thought. :/ Will have to sit and think about what I want to do with this little corner of the web. Till next time...

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