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Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet....
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
QI Live and other stuff
I've gotten slack about updating again (and I'm going to blame the job for that- it's sucking the life out of me :/), but I had to post about QI Live. Really not a lot happening besides that.

QI Live was AMAZING. Well, not perfect but still amazing, anyway. The show was scheduled to go 2 hours, but the first half of the show was pretty much all Stephen Fry. He came out on his own and talked to the audience about the last time he came to Brisbane (back when he was in the Cambridge Footlights with Hugh Laurie and Emma Thompson) and about all other assorted matters, including the genesis of QI. And it was fantastic and very much like the show I went to in Melbourne last year.

The second half of the evening was the actual show- I can't be sure, but I think it might have been recorded for dvd? Stephen introduced the panellists one by one, and I hate to say it, but....they weren't the most inspiring trio. :/ Because the show has toured Perth and Melbourne as well as Brisbane, the program had a list of possible panellists, pretty much all Australian comedians/tv personalities, and there were some awesome ones- Sean Micallef, Adam Spencer, Red Symons, Julia Zemiro....and I would have been excited if any of these people were on the panel. As it was though, they were kind of.....not exactly bad, but not the best fit for QI. We had Jono Coleman (Aussie DJ who hit it big in Britain on Virgin Radio), Kitty Flanagan (ex-Full Frontal who has been a panellist on the show before IIRC) and the best of the lot, Akmal Saleh (who pops up on Good News Week and knows his way around a comedy panel show). Flanagan and Saleh were pretty good, but Jono Coleman was a disaster- he doesn't have the right humour for QI and some of his jokes really fell flat. And of course, there was Alan Davies, who was flawless and funny and possibly on a sugar high (he has fallen in love with Cadbury Crunchy bars, something very easy to do here in Oz).

It was a Halloween-themed show- some of the questions were taken from previous episodes and I heard some reviewers complain about that, but I didn't mind hearing them again- it's worth it just to hear how a different comedian will spin an answer. There was a bit of audience participation- I honestly wish now that I'd picked seats closer to the front, as shouting out the correct answer earned you a chocolate from Alan or Stephen- in fact, the show ended with the remaining chocolates being tossed into the audience. Just shouted out an answer once- the alternate title to Frankenstein, and that's because I was in the middle of re-reading it (wanted something classic to read on Halloween).

Overall, a lot of fun even in spite of the panellists- the ticket price was worth it just for hearing Stephen talk at the beginning. I think I'd go again, but I'd want to know who the panellists were- I guess that takes the element of surprise out of it, but anyway.

Work has been all-consuming. Except for one glorious day last week when the power in my office building went out and I got to go home at lunchtime. I'll finish being a newbie in December, when the traineeship wraps up, and I'm looking forward to that.

One other thing I'm looking forward to: series 2 of Rev. Particularly after hearing that REG and Ralph Fiennes are going to be popping up in guest star roles! It starts next week, and I can't wait. <3

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