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Saturday morning update

I went down to Melbourne for the Tutankhamun exhibit last week. My friend I were expecting the museum to be full of people- my aunt said she queued for half an hour to get in- but because it was a Thursday afternoon there were way less visitors, so we could look at everything without having to move on in a hurry. I took my old and battered copy of Christiane Desroche Noblecourt's Tutankhamun and the little volume of Manetho I bought in March with me and checked the info in the books against the exhibit descriptions and information. It was great!

Obviously went and checked out all the bookshops while I was down there too- I ended up buying the first Marcus Didius Falco novel at the Carlton Readings, even though I told myself I was going to finish reading Steven Saylor's Roma Sub Rosa books before starting on another 'private detective in ancient Rome' series. Also bought 'The Crimson Petal and the White', as the miniseries (featuring REG!) is airing on UKTV next week and I'd been thinking about buying it anyway. Bought a couple of Horrible Histories books (Awesome Egyptians and Rotten Romans) for my 9 year-old nephew too, because if I'm going to get him interested in classics, now is the time!

I'm doing more training on my job now, rather than sitting in classrooms with an instructor. It's a little bit nerve wracking because doc control requires a high degree of accuracy, but I haven't made any major missteps so far. I've felt quite wistful about it lately though; my would-be PhD thesis supervisor Rick has gone to Britain on a teaching sabbatical at Cambridge and I'm a bit jealous and feeling far removed from where I'd hoped to be. I'm resolved to claw my way back to postgrad....I just wish I had a decent strategy as to how I can do it.

I'm studying research and evaluation this semester for my librarian course. I think I should have applied for credit honestly (the research methodology subject I took for my honours covered a lot of the same areas this course does)- it's a boring subject and the first assignment which I submitted on Monday night was a piece of cake. Still haven't had word back from CSU about whether my application for an approved withdrawal from the placement subject has been successful. Think I'll have to ring them on Monday and badger them about it (augh, I hope it hasn't been lost in the mail- I had to chase up a JP to get the paperwork witnessed and I don't want to go through that again...).

Still watching Miracle Day; I kind of feel like the plot's a bit scattered? Haven't seen episode 8 yet (it's on tonight), but we haven't seen Oswald Danes for the past two eps and the pace really seems to have slowed down a bit. I did like the last episode though- there was a deliberate Doctor Who vibe to it, which was fun (the nightmare fuel wasn't so much fun though- ahhhhh! :O). Going to be re-watching The Borgias, since it's starting on cable this week. And I'll probably wait the week and watch Doctor Who when it airs on Aunty next week. Been watching the second series of Kingdom, which isn't the greatest television but Stephen Fry does improve most of the stuff he appears in.

Feeling very rested and relaxed this morning and planning on spending the whole day doing nothing but reading and making my way through the paper. Woo!

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