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Non-spoilery Torchwood thoughts

Caught up on Torchwood earlier. I think I need a hug. D: Uncle Rusty isn't exactly alienating so much as pissing off fans, although my first reaction after watching the latest episode was 'Ok, I'M NOT WATCHING THIS AT NIGHT ANYMORE DDDDDD:'. The nightmare fuel is strong with this one, and though it'd be hard to beat CoE for a crapsack world setting, I think this is pretty much worse. Next time I'm going to have to watch some meaningless happy fluff afterwards, maybe Hotel Babylon or a Doctor Who episode where Everybody Lives in a good way.

(Incidentally, if the Doctor was involved in this, he'd probably have it all sorted out in a 3-parter. As always when it comes to Torchwood, he is conspicuous by his absence, particularly when he/the TARDIS seem to instinctively know when something is rotten in the state of Denmark.)

Got assignment work to do, but instead I've spent most of the day cataloguing my books on LibraryThing instead. FAIL, GOING TO DO SOME WORK NOW.

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