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Hope this posts (trying out Semagic)

Looks like LJ's working for Aussie IPs again. Yay!

Not that I have a lot to post about, except for....


STEPHEN FRY IS COMING TO BRISBANE. MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED. I'd been hoping after his flying visit last year that Stephen would come back, and he is! AND HE'S BRINGING ALAN DAVIES WITH HIM!

There is not enough SQUEE in the world, guys. OMG.

Also good news: the Sci-Fi Channel here are going to be showing Classic Who from next month! Oddly enough, they're only showing Four's eps....IDK, maybe they wanted to start with one of the more visible and well-known Doctors? Hopefully the other eras will follow. This is definitely good news though, because the BBC have been pretty bullheaded about rerun rights to Classic Who outside the UK (the ABC reran the entire run of Classic Who from One onwards nearly 10 years ago but were not allowed to rerun the episodes after that), so that they've finally given the go-ahead is great. Not so good for non-cable subscribers though. :/

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