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All creatures great and small - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
All creatures great and small
After getting up early to feed the pets this morning and subsequently going back to bed, I was re-awakened about half an hour later by Trotsky's mewing. Trotsky only mews when he's got something to show me. Today, it was a little critter lying under one of the chairs in the kitchen he'd brought in. Upon first sight I thought it was dead, but when I knelt down to pick it up in a tissue, I found that it was still breathing. I gave it a careful look-over and despite some missing fur, Trotsky had not actually done any injury to the animal, though it was in serious shock. I wrapped it in the tissue, then my handkerchief and deposited it in my dressing gown pocket.

At first sight I thought he might be a baby possum, and then after some googling, just a common mouse. But as this mouse had a pointy snout, a different set of teeth and didn't look like a normal rodent, I did more googling, and he turned out to be this charming little creature below.

A Brown Antechinus, for those wondering. They are a species of marsupial mouse and I honestly had no clue that that they lived around here. /themoreyouknow.gif

I rang a 24 hour wildlife hotline, but the woman I inadvertantly woke up on the other end really couldn't suggest much, as the mouse wasn't injured. In the end, I kept the mouse in my pocket for a while and then he ended up in a shoebox with a heatpad. I was expecting I'd have to keep an eye on him all day, but by the time I had to leave for church he seemed to have fully recovered- he was scrambling around the box and quite keen to get out. I ended up letting him out under the house, since I figured he'd want to go somewhere dark and quiet.

Felt stupidly relieved that the mouse was ok. And pissed off at Trotsky for pulling this shit for umpteenth time. Trotsky doesn't hunt for food, he hunts for sport, which is probably why the mouse came out relatively unscathed.

The first hymn we sang at mass today was 'All Creatures of Our God and King'. It seemed oddly fitting.

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