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So, the new job- not really a lot to tell yet, since it's been… - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet....
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
So, the new job- not really a lot to tell yet, since it's been training and this training is basically going to be my life for the next 6 months. I and the other trainees have been talked at mostly- the trainers seem to be attempting to cram as much information into our heads as possible in the shortest space of time. My new workplace is the sort of place where you need swipe cards to get into most areas and they probably wouldn't look kindly on employees blogging about them, which is why I'm not referring to them by name here. Everybody is friendly though and there's a huge emphasis on the company being like a family- in fact, they are not at all shy about hiring relatives of other employees. So yeah. The commute isn't so bad, though my leaving time in the morning is basically the coldest time of the day, which isn't so fun when Brisbane seems to be having a much colder winter than normal right now.

I've passed the cataloguing/description subject. Not at all perfect, but at least the damn thing is out of the way. Pretty much the worst subject I've ever had to do, and the course lecturer was absolutely no help- the fact that she left students hanging for a week before replying to give approval for the thesaurus topic really annoyed me. And any subject that includes forum participation as an assessment item is automatically on my shit list. As for my other subject, I was supposed to get the result for the group assignment 11 days ago, but so far nothing. This was a good subject (on management in libraries) and the course co-ordinator was great but he's really dragged his feet on getting results back- he hasn't even offered an explanation for the delay yet.

As a parting gift last week, a friend at the TAFE gave me the Sky adaptation of 'The Colour of Magic' on DVD. Might just watch that this weekend. I've been catching up on the final episodes of the latest season of House in the last couple of days and I think I'm just about ready to give up on the show. The formula's gotten so tired and I just wish Fox would put it out of its misery. Would really like to see Hugh Laurie being brilliant in something else, and preferably with his natural accent. Also he should totally write that sequel to 'The Gun Seller' that I was silly enough to try pre-ordering on Amazon a few years ago without realizing that he hadn't even begun writing it, sigh.

Stephen Colbert was glorious on TCR tonight. I was squeeing like crazy when it was first reported that he and Jack White were collaborating and it was everything I'd hoped for and then some. The Catholic smackdown between them that was left out of the show was just the icing on the cake!

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classics_lover From: classics_lover Date: June 24th, 2011 08:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hope the job gets less training-ish soon enough - I guess anything like that can get tedious until it becomes practical and necessary :-)
dives From: dives Date: June 25th, 2011 01:59 am (UTC) (Link)
House is just a mess. Did you see the season finale? Just...I don't even know. I happened to see a rerun from the beginning of S1 a few weeks ago and was genuinely shocked at how far it's fallen.
normandie_m From: normandie_m Date: June 25th, 2011 03:26 am (UTC) (Link)
The season finale screens on Monday night here, but I went and spoiled myself early anyway after I heard about Lisa Edelstein's departure.

It's just all so recycled....I was ok with House and Cuddy hooking up, but just making him go back to his self-destructive bender ways yet again after their break-up.....I'm just tired of it. House, his vicodin addiction, love of hookers, trolling and his ~crazy~ hobbies have all been done to death. All Wilson seems to exist for now is to nag House(never mind about his character development) and the rest of cast are wasted. Can't exactly blame Edelstein for leaving, and I just heard that she's landed a role on The Good Wife that seems to be a much more interesting gig.

The show just needs a major overhaul- even the episode structure with the patient of the week has gotten old and tired. I'm not even sure if I'll watch the next season, and if I do, I'm hoping it'll be the last one, tbh.
dives From: dives Date: June 25th, 2011 03:38 am (UTC) (Link)
I just couldn't believe that he DROVE A CAR THROUGH SOMEONE'S DINING ROOM and that was supposed to be ~a symbol of his despondency~ or whatever. I mean, really? Turn the lead into someone who's basically irredeemable or say it was ~a dream~ next season. Ugh. I'm just so done.

I'm fairly sure the eighth season will be the last-- the contract negotiations have been drawn-out, RSL wants to do theater I'm fairly sure HL has wanted to leave Hollywood for the past four years, haha.
normandie_m From: normandie_m Date: June 25th, 2011 04:15 am (UTC) (Link)
I think I'll be annoyed if it went either way- if it was a dream or if House really was that big an asshole- which doesn't really bode well for my desire to keep watching. Using the 'it was all a dream' plot device would be bullshit (they've already used it on the show at least twice), but carrying on with the show with House as an even bigger jerk than before would turn me off too; obviously I haven't watched the finale yet, but it sounds like House drove the car into Cuddy's place without a thought for her safety (or anyone else's) and for me that pushes House right into unsympathetic territory.

God knows how the writers are going to address this in the next season, but I can't see them handling it in a clever or original way right now. If it were me, I think I'd put House on a long bus trip and make Foreman the protagonist. But I also think the whole premise of the show has gone past its expiry date so the showrunner/writers will really have to do a lot more to keep the audience.

Hugh Laurie needs to go back to Britain. He's very good on House, but I've always loved his comedy work on Blackadder and his collaborations with Stephen Fry a lot more. I've always kept my fingers crossed for him and Fry to reunite and do a new project together.
dives From: dives Date: June 25th, 2011 05:02 am (UTC) (Link)
ITA. It was a scene in which I thought House was just going to be a creep and sit outside Cuddy's house or something, but he tells Wilson to get out, reverses into the street, and just drives into the house while she's having a lunch party. With her daughter, I might add. I get that he's an antihero, but he just needs to grow the hell up. Depressingly, I don't even care how they handle it anymore.

I find it so funny that here in the US everyone thinks of him as this Dramatic Actor, and was all surprised that he was funny on SNL. I'm like "He had a sketch show in the 90s! It's on Youtube!" I kinda hope Hugh just tours the world with his band, it seems like the thing he enjoys the most!
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