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At last, update time!

Held off on updates yet again, this time because of assignments. Group assignment turned out surprisingly well, probably because we all got along very well; I spent more time on this assignment too, since I didn't want to let down the other group members by writing something crap at the last minute. The thesaurus assignment on the other hand was complete and utter rubbish although I think it still met all the criteria. I just didn't spend nearly as much time on it as I should have. Maybe if that had been a group assignment it would've turned out better, idk.

Incidentally, I'm reliably informed that all this assessment and stuff I'm learning doesn't actually matter that much once I get a job in a library. Excellent.

Australia Post has the best sense of timing. Come home after finishing work and assignments and find that my pre-ordered copy of Sophia McDougall's 'Savage City' (the last book in her Romanitas trilogy) has arrived from Fishpond. Looking forward to reading that, and I'm off to see PotC 4 tomorrow. Guilt-free relaxation at last!

Got a ton of paperwork last week to fill in and return to my New Employer. Feeling excited but also nervous, possibly because I've grown very comfortable in retail and this is going to be a lot harder. Trying to be positive though....if nothing else, it'll do wonders for my work ethic.

My reaction to Neil Gaiman's Doctor Who ep can be summed up in fandom terms as 'SHAKING AND CRYING', it was that good. The Rebel Flesh was always going to appear meh by comparison (particular as the first half of a two-parter), but it was just so nice to see Marshall Lancaster back on my tv again (he needs a show!).

Now, off to sleep- my first (reasonably) early night in a few weeks.

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