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Spending the day of the apocalypse doing assignments, fml

My new employer have pushed my starting date back 2 weeks. So preoccupied with assignments right now that I don't really care, just as long as I know I've got my ticket out of retail.

Went to an excellent public lecture on relics last Saturday. Kind of excited about writing a thesis in this field- remember, it's the Catholic church that put jewel and gold-encrusted skeletons in their altars for everyone to see!

(Incidentally, the entire series of 'Disturbing Relics Week' posts are possibly the best ever showcase of just how creepy relics are. I LOVE IT. Seriously, you could produce a coffee table book out of this material.)

Have not reviewed either Day of the Moon or The Black Spot, so....

Ack, are we halfway through series 6A already?!

Don't really feel like reviewing both episodes- I thought they were both great, although The Black Spot almost felt like a filler episode rather than anything with a meaningful plot- IDK, but a pirate theme doesn't go wrong and I generally like Hugh Bonneville as an actor (we're supposed to be getting Downton Abbey on television here next month, I think? Can't wait for that.) so it was good to see him guest star.

Day of the Moon was definitely a great conclusion to the opening episode, liked where they took River Song although the fandom is going to need a timeline to keep track of her appearances- the backward timeline thing between her and Eleven is a bit hard to follow. Liked that she and Eleven kissed- not sure if I really ship it, but I love the dynamic between them.

I kind of like where The Moff is going with this season- it's all a bit darker (without actually making Eleven darker) and the plot arc seems a bit more fleshed out, even though they're not giving much away. The lady with the creepy eyepatch randomly appearing to Amy through holes in the wall freaks me out so much, omg. Can't wait to see what they do with that and the non-pregnancy thing.

THE RAPTURE BETTER NOT HAPPEN BEFORE I WATCH 'THE DOCTOR'S WIFE' TONIGHT. After all the squeeing I'm expecting something truly epic/heartbreaking.

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