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Very nearly missed Doctor Who last night, as the television in the living room decided to die yesterday, resulting in a quick trip to the nearest Harvey Norman to find a deal for a new television. Which didn't get installed, so I ended up watching A Christmas Carol in the kitchen.

Probably the most Christmassy of the specials so kind of felt like the Christmas setting was sort of incidental to some of the RTD specials, possibly with the exception of Voyage of the Damned and The Next Doctor (which is still my favourite- re-watched it the other day). It's an old plot formula, using A Christmas Carol, but I think the setting and the actors kept it reasonably fresh....I loved that the setting had a vaguely steampunk (IN SPACE) feel to it. The sequence with Eleven/Kazran/Abigail travelling around was fun, loved the bit at Frank Sinatra's bungalow. The tiny nod to Sherlock was made of win too- considering that the Moff has just ruled out having the Doctor and Sherlock meet (which is probably a good thing since the character of Sherlock Holmes pretty much is a template for the Doctor- the only crossover I could see working is maybe a short Comic Relief-type thing).

But for all the little squee moments, I'm not sure if I loved it as a whole. The pace really seemed to plod at times, and the lack of a real Big Bad kind of skewed things a bit. Sharks and fish in the planetary atmosphere were quite cool. Michael Gambon was amazing, Katherine Jenkins....well, I guess she has a beautiful singing voice?
IDK about Amy and Rory sort of being put into the background....I suppose it follows the pattern of the other Christmas specials, to have the Doctor playing against oneshot characters. But overall it was a lot better than some of the dross RTD came up with- not overly sentimental mush, no sign of the Doctor going off the rails, no OTT acting. So huzzah for that?

Really though, I think I got my biggest squee from the series 6 trailer- ELEVEN IN A SEXY STETSON, I HAVE NO WORDS.

Installing new television today and playing Operation with my niece and nephew. I did end up at the Boxing Day sales, since mum came to church with me and wanted to check things out. NEVER AGAIN. Found a couple of good deals in the Myers book department, but I couldn't get out of there fast enough, the sheer volume of people was a bit overwhelming.

Also despite telly woes, I got the adaptation of Terry Pratchett's Going Postal recorded off Foxtel, so once the tv's installed, I will be watching that. <3

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