Steph (normandie_m) wrote,

Survey thing.....

3 Years Ago [1999], I:
// was hating my high-school
// was seriously miserable
// was discovering fandom
// wanted to be a great Astronomer
// was paid out for it.

2 Years Ago, I:
// Started attending a private school in Brisbane as a boarder.
// Actually found some friends.
// Improved my school results dramatically.
// was trying to forget about old high school.
// still wanted to be an Astronomer

1 Year Ago, I:
// became a day scholar and started living in a house in the suburbs of Brisbane.
// Re-discovered my passion for Ancient History
// Decided I wanted to teach instead of becoming an astronomer.
// Found God.
// Began writing stories.

Yesterday, I:
// Chatted with my friends on AIM and MSN.
// Began writing a new story.
// Spent most of the day coughing.
// Continued reading Seneca's dialogues.
// Watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Today, I:
// Chatted with my friends on AIM and MSN
// Thought about Andrew.*sigh*
// Continued writing story.
// discovered that in addition to having a cough, I now have a sore throat.
// Looked after the baby bird that has just come into our care.

Tomorrow, I Will:
// Try and get over my cough and sore throat.
// Probably keep writing.
// Sleep in a little more than I do normally.
// See a movie?
// Continue reading Dialogues

Five Items I Have Brand Loyalty To:
// Cadbury
// Penguin Classics
// AOL
// Verbatim
// Twinings

Five Songs I Know All the Words To, Even Without the Music:
// Come Fly with Me- Frank Sinatra
// Your Song- Elton John
// Uptown Girl- Billy Joel
// Cherry Lips- Garbage
// Love Affair- Kylie Minogue

Five Things I Would Buy With $10,000,000:
// A trip to Europe.
// An apartment in NY
// Tickets to Private Lives for me, Sevvie, Caroline and Karen (even though I know she's seen it already)
// Umm....dinner with any of my favourite actors.
// Financial security for my parents.

Top Five Musicians This Week:
// Garbage
// Moby
// John Mayer
// Van Morrison
// Frank Sinatra

Top Five Locations I'd Like To Run Away To:
// London
// Greece
// Italy
// New York
// um, can't really think of a fifth, probably Berlin so I could be with Andrew.

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