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Ugh, in the process of putting together a bibliography for my thesis topic. It's tedious work, and let's just leave it at that. Have to vacate the house tomorrow because of painters- will probably spend another morning combing over reference texts in the UQ library. Went on Monday in disgustingly humid weather- aircon in library very nice, trek up the hill from the bus stop with laptop not so much.

Christmas shopping just about done. Anxiously awaiting a few gifts that are coming in the post- I think I may have left them a little late in the ordering. Just have to go DVD shopping; I'm buying Hayao Miyazaki's Ponyo for the daughter of a friend (a stuffed Ponyo is coming in the post too, from Singapore courtesy of eBay- please let it arrive on time!).

I didn't really care too much about seeing a fourth film, but I have been sucked in by the trailer. It looks like a hot mess, but I think Depp, Rush and Ian McShane will probably save the film by all being the very best Large Hams they can be (also Richard Griffiths is playing King George II- that's another potential Large Ham right there!). I sighted certain Navyboys in the trailer there too- hoping that Gillette and Groves will get their roles expanded somewhat. The fact that there'll be no Norrington to antagonize Jack in this one is depressing. :/

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