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Argh, so hard to judge a film adaptation of a book that's been split into 2 parts and was never going to be perfect anyway. I thought it was good, but not quite as good as HBP. The film suffered from the glaring omissions made in the previous films, particularly with characters coming out of the blue, like Rufus Scrimgeour and Bill Weasley (and the way they mentioned the werewolf thing in a throwaway line, ugh) or returning characters like Fleur, Dobby and Ollivander. And little side plots like Lupin's crisis over his marriage/impending fatherhood or the resistance movement have been shunted too.

Putting the rest of this review in bullet points because that's how I roll~

* Yeah, not enough Snape for my liking but it's kind of justified since he didn't really feature in the book until right near the end. Enjoyed all five minutes he was onscreen though (and wibbled when his patronus appeared). His entrance into Malfoy manor was epic. Alan Rickman fierce as always, flawless, talented, amazing actor, etc. I will be pissed if any of The Prince's Tale chapter has been cut from the next film- I think that's what I'm looking forward to the most.

* Pleasantly surprised by Rhys Ifans as Xenophilius Lovegood; an excellent restrained performance that could've easily been played as way OTT for who the character was.

* Sad there wasn't more Scrimgeour, but seeing as there was a time when he wasn't going to be in the film at all, I'm pleased with what was shown. He was pretty much just as I'd imagined him. So glad they got Bill Nighy for the part.

* Glad they didn't chicken out of killing off Hedwig onscreen- I'd heard rumours that Harry was just going to release her and was pleased that they didn't cut out her sacrifice for Harry. Besides which, I can't imagine any of the human characters killed off in the book are being spared in the adaptation, so why should Hedwig be?

* It's a pity that the film isn't really getting into Dumbledore's backstory. I felt that was really one of the driving plot points of the book, particularly Harry's reaction to this uglier side of him and his relationship with Grindelwald. Kind of don't expect that to be addressed in part 2, but I'm looking forward to the Aberforth scenes.

* Kind of disappointed with the Malfoy scenes in this film too; Tom Felton did well with what material he was given...I really liked that you got a sense of his moral conflict without any lines being spoken. Jason Isaacs still fierce as Lucius; not gonna lie, I love that's he's a bit more rumpled and rough around the edges in this film.

* Didn't quite know what to think of the scene with Harry and Hermione dancing to Nick Cave; it felt like the filmmakers were giving a consolation prize to the H/Hr shippers. Awesome that Nick Cave exists in the Potterverse though!

* Loved Fleur's wedding dress, so frou-frou but just right for the actress.

I really hope that they don't cut too many moments of awesome from part 2. My wishlist for what they won't cut in part 2?

* The Prince's Tale- already talked about this above. Will probably shed a tear or two.

* The Grey Lady/Bloody Baron story- Possibly one of my favourite plot points of DH, just because it was so completely unexpected and a wonderfully poignant backstory for both characters. I really hope the Ravenclaws get their moment in the film, but I'd honestly be amazed if they included any of the commonroom scene with the Rowena Ravenclaw statue. :/

* Percy reconciling with his family and risking his life to protect Fred's body. In fact, all the Crowning Moments of Awesome involving the Weasleys, including 'NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!'

* Neville's Crowning Moment of Awesome. They hinted with the scene on the Hogwarts Express that Neville was a big part of the resistance, I would be really disappointed if they took his part in the battle away.

TL;DR? Generally liked it, but as usual I felt disappointed by what was left out and felt like I was seeing it for the amazing cast. I kind of want to hold back from giving full judgement until part 2 though.

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