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Started writing PhD outline last night. Quaking in my boots so bad, and it's only a little paragraph articulating what I want to do so Rick has a clear idea.

Seeing part 1 of DH tomorrow. Got all nostalgic earlier thinking about when I saw Philosopher's Stone for the first time- it was the day that school finished for the year and Maryke and I went to see it together that afternoon. She hated it (I think she hated all the movies, except maybe PoA?), and I was a bit more positive, mostly from squeeing over Quirrell and Snape. That was 9 years ago, and I am feeling so old right now. ;p

The big thing I'm squeeing over at the moment though? The trailer for Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.

mmmm, John Hannah. I think I need a Batiatus icon. Also LOLing because Dustin Clare's (the lead actor) previous big role was playing a male prostitute on a local cable drama, Satisfaction. Should be a good watch from the looks of the trailer.

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