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Oh dear.

So, went to Melbourne for the AFL Grand final, and St Kilda just couldn't make it in the end. BUT neither could Collingwood, so we had a rare draw that means the game has to be played again this coming Saturday (extra time is not done in Aussie Rules, except in the preliminary finals). Dad's got his tickets and is flying down again- he's not particularly bothered about having to do it all again, he's actually rather pleased about the footy season being extended by a week.

As for me? Well, I've got two ridiculously tough assignments due on Monday, so I'm not going down again and will probably be in front of the television with my laptop contriving to get something done. 2/3 of the way through my collection development report, and have nearly finished my subject pathfinder/search strategy portfolio assignment. A lot of both assignments is just waffle at the moment though, so I'm trying to muster up the energy to do the hard part- find actual scholarship to back up my arguments and whatnot.

Melbourne was awesome, albeit freezing cold. Poked around the ACU library for an afternoon, went to the European Masters exhibition and shopped. After seeing a couple of episodes here and there, I decided to buy series 1 and 2 of Being Human- I think The Writer's Tale and reading about RTD's big mancrush on Russell Tovey may have influenced my decision somewhat. Will probably start watching next week after these final two assignments are out of the way- that's the beauty of distance learning, no exams and a second semester that ends a full month earlier than on-campus study does! \o/

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