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Tired and frustrated by a number of things lately....mostly the two essays due on the 4th of next month that are both 3000 words. I'm writing a subject pathfinder at the moment, and using my honours independent study paper topic as the information scenario (Jews and martyrdom in Roman Judaea). I suppose that's sort of cheating, but I already know the sources, so it's easier to annotate. Think I will end up taking my laptop with me to Melbourne at the end of the month though- trying to avoid it, but will probably end up spending some time hammering out waffle on search strategy portfolios and collection development.

Finally got around to watching 'Rev'. Tom Hollander adorable as expected (and rather frazzled, actually- he looks every inch the careworn vicar here), and yes, a bit like the Barchester Chronicles, only set now. I enjoyed how topical it was when it came to addressing the problems that the Anglicans are facing at the moment- priests 'going over to Rome', falling church attendence figures, not having enough money (this is a problem my parish has at the moment- Catholic parishes are not exempt from this either obviously). Enjoyed the skewering of the happy clappy megachurch/Hillsong-style of evangelical worship in episode 2 particularly.

Still watching Spartacus too (episode 5 is this week). I think I'm going to keep watching for Batiatus and Lucretia, but otherwise it kind of leaves me cold. Maybe the censorship has something to do with it? I will watch the prequel though, just because it's more of Capua's fierce Power Couple. Might watch a series 2- I'd love to see Crassus appear in some way, shape or form. If they were going to do the whole story, they might even be able to wedge Pompey into the tail-end of the narrative, just to make things interesting.

We're supposed to get word on who'll be governing us tomorrow, at least according to the media. I'm just hoping that we won't end up at the polls again anytime soon.

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