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In political limbo

Well, what do you know. We still don't have a government as such- Julia Gillard (our Prime Minister- well, acting prime minister atm) and Mad Monk Abbot (that wonderful opposition leader I talked about in the last entry) are frantically courting the independent MPs and the Greens in the pursuit of forming government. This is turning out just like UK elections, something I wouldn't have predicted a few months ago- do any of the Brits on the flist want to tell me how well the LibDem/Tory coalition has worked out as far as domestic politics goes?

Forgot to mention in the last entry that I went and saw The Special Relationship with Libby. It was excellent. <3 Michael Sheen, I'm starting to find him quite adorable in an odd sort of way (it all began to go wrong with Frost/Nixon and that 70s gear he was rocking). So I've seen two parts of the Tony Blair trilogy now- I'm wondering about getting my hands on a copy of 'The Deal'- quite interested to see what David Morrissey does with Gordon Brown.

Reading RTD's 'Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter' at the moment, since there is no New Who on tv at the moment. It's surprisingly good- RTD not quite as annoying on paper as I expected, and I really love reading about his thought processes and the trials and tribulations of being a writer (speaking as someone who would like to write creatively in the future- well, write something original as opposed to my scribblings in fandom). I still think he wrote some really bad scripts during his tenure as showrunner, but it's interesting to read about how he came to some of the choices he made as far as plots and character arcs went.

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