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The all-purpose catch-up post - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet....
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
The all-purpose catch-up post
Actually got back nearly a month ago, but I've been lazy and haven't done a proper write-up until now. Well, lazy and I had a study-related excursion to several libraries a few weeks ago for assessment AND then work AND a spell of acute bronchitis. So, here we go...


Hot and wet. The weather was just feral. I crashed at my hotel for a few hours and then ventured out around lunchtime when I felt hungry. Visited a couple of churches, and the Museums of Art and History. And that was really all I felt like doing. The second trip back I stayed in one of the hotels at Changi Airport, and was quite content to stay there and not venture out into the city. Would like to go back to Singapore, but probably not in the middle of summer. Apparently winter is ever-so-slightly cooler and less rainy, so I will ponder on that if the opportunity arises. Dad's keen to go there just for the food, so we shall see...

Hong Kong

Mixed feelings about HK. I stayed on Hong Kong island in the Wan Chai district, which I think was a bit of a mistake- I went over to Kowloon towards the end of my stay and found I liked it a lot more there. HK island was crowded and busy and while it wasn't nearly as humid as Singapore, the weather was still very warm. Did enjoy myself though- walked up the mid-levels to visit the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, saw the Noonday Gun (the one Noel Coward sings about in 'Mad Dogs and Englishmen') fired, went to an exhibition of paintings by Wu Guanzhong (who passed away a few weeks ago). Also had a cheongsam made for me- have to say that I barely shopped beyond that (I know, not shopping in a shopping mecca :/), but my cheongsam is gorgeous and I am besotted with it (sadly a bit cold to wear it at the moment...can't wait to get it out for a special occasion when it's warmer).

While I was in HK, I also took a ferry to...


....where I wished that I had spent the night instead of just taking the ferry over for the day- I left not having seen everything I wanted to. Very Portuguese feel to the place, gorgeous churches and the food was awesome (egg tarts from Lord Stowe's Bakery = OM NOM NOM). Definitely plan on going back there- I was right in thinking there was more to do there than just gambling, though the free shuttle buses to the casinos are useful insofar as one got me within walking distance of a number of churches, and no one cared whether I was actually going into the casino or not. So yay!


...was awesome as expected. It wasn't quite as humid and even though the weather wasn't always perfect, I enjoyed myself. Osaka was so much fun, and I went back to Kyoto (and forgot my camera, FML) and poked around there too. Bathed in a gorgeous onsen, visited Osaka castle, visited the requisite museums and did a little bit of shopping. The last full day in Japan I spent in Hiroshima- if you're going to Japan, Hiroshima should be on your itinerary if you can manage it. I paid for shinkansen tickets to go there- they were rather expensive, but worth it. Even though I went to different places this time, I still felt very comfortable and at home in Japan (missed the stupid primetime game shows, vending machines everywhere and Kirin Milk Tea)- I'm already itching to go back too. Toying with the thought of starting a trip in Sapporo in winter and then bouncing down to Tokyo and then Nagasaki. Oh dear...

Heading to Melbourne this weekend- I'M GOING TO SEE STEPHEN FRY GUYS, OMG! Still utterly amazed that I have a ticket for one of his shows on his whistlestop tour of the southern states. Not quite sure what to expect from the show, but it will no doubt be epic. THANKYOU FOR COMING, STEPHEN! I'm going to see the Tim Burton exhibition at Fed Square while I'm down there as well, woo!

Oh, and it goes without saying that I loved the Doctor Who season finale.

At last! A finale that wasn't doom and gloom! Let's look back, shall we?

Parting of the Ways: Jack's abandoned by Nine in the space station, Nine regenerates (and that is sad, in retrospect- I mourn the lost opportunity for moar Ecclescake in the part)
Doomsday: Rose abandoned in parallel universe, much crying and emo from both her and Ten
The Last of the Time Lords: Master dies in Ten's arms, Martha leaves because she's fed up with Ten not reciprocating her love.
The Stolen Earth: Donna loses all her memories and is reset back into her pre-Doctor self, Ten has to leave Rose again, only this time with his blow-up doll equivalent (ugh)
The End of Time: Ten regenerates with the final words 'I don't want to go'. ARGH.

SO. PRETTY DAMN GOOD TO WATCH A FINALE THAT DOESN'T HAVE ANY EMO IN IT. Except the good kind of emo, like when Amy remembers Eleven back into existence, and not only that, but at her wedding and with him coming out of the TARDIS in white tie and tails. Awesome.

Best part of the episode? Eleven's dancing. Oh. My. God. Love this elderly Time Lord and his bad moves! And that little conversation with him and River- I can believe in the chemistry between Eleven and River more than I can with her and Ten.

Things I am looking forward to in series six:
* Christmas special with Michael Gambon, though I'm not sure about the casting of Katherine Jenkins.
* Neil Gaiman's episode, at last!
* More River
* More of the Moff and his determination to have happy endings.

Things I would like to see in series six:
* Amy and Rory dealing with Married Life and travelling in the TARDIS. Pretty damn good having a couple in the TARDIS again.
* A multi-Doctor special. I have a feeling that the Moff is more open to this than RTD was, especially since he wrote Time Crash. Obviously it couldn't be done with all the actors, but I am just about dying to see Paul McGann put on a wig and become Eight again with a good writer at the helm.

Has anybody seen Sherlock yet? Toying about whether or not I should wait for Aunty to catch up with the UK and screen it, or use Other Means.

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classics_lover From: classics_lover Date: July 26th, 2010 08:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
Sherlock is fantastic.

I watched it on the edge of my seat, squeeing and fangirling the whole time. The Moff is some kind of genius to make such a classic work. And as much as I loved it (and Jimmy Nesbit) it's ten times better than Jekyll for a modern interpretation of a classic.

Truly, The Moff can do no wrong.

And you get to see Stephen FRY? Damn you lucky thing!
Nobody great ever comes to Ireland. *pouts and sulks*
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