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About time for an update, I think... - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
About time for an update, I think...
Breaking my posting drought because I just discovered the best piece of Doctor Who merchandise ever: The Eleven Doctors all in action figure form!. OMG, DO WANT. Well, maybe not all of them (Four looks a bit odd, sorry to say), but I definitely want Eight (oh, that green coat <3) and One to go next to my Ten on the bookshelf. Will wait and see if the BBC merchandise people have mercy on the fandom and sell the figures separately too.

(Re: posting drought- I got nothin'. Seriously, my life has been a dearth of interesting stuff, and even the mundane stuff I didn't think worthy of posting here.)

Saw Prince of Persia. It was kind of meh, except for the part where I squinted at one of the Persian princes and realized HOLY SHIT THAT'S JEFF FROM COUPLING! That is to say, Richard Coyle was playing Tas- needless to say, MY MIND WAS BLOWN, if only because it's about as far from Jeff as you can get. He has a beard and a sword! :O

Going away TONIGHT, at last! Suzanne told me my holiday might start a day early because the flight that I'm on standby for is getting kind of full, so she's listed me for a flight a day early- as in, tonight (or tomorrow morning, rather- 2:30am, ugh). Getting an overnight stopover in Singapore as a result- what will I do with myself? Besides eat at all these awesome hawker stalls I'm hearing about? I'm really iffy about shopping this time, since I ended up paying excess baggage for the trip home from Japan last year (to be fair, the set of ceramic plates and two cartons of sake that my friend's family gave me as a present did not help). :/ Oh well, went to Borders to pick up a little Singapore guidebook and there will no doubt be some stuff in there to keep me entertained that won't be related to retail.

Caught up on my tv viewing before I went- watched Vincent and the Doctor yesterday and The Lodger today.

Uncredited Bill Nighy cameo = awesome. I'm still a bit disappointed that he wasn't cast as Eleven. :/ Lovely, touching episode. Exactly what I expected from Richard Curtis- more about the warm and fuzzy moments than the action. Tony Curran very good as Van Gogh.

The Lodger- thought it was an odd sort of episode. Maybe because of the lack of a real monster of the week. Thought it was a bit boring, but eh. Look forward to watching the finale when I get back.

Having seen most of the series now, I am enjoying Matt Smith as Eleven- the fretting in the fandom about his youth being an obstacle to playing the character was happily misplaced, and it works to have Eleven as a bit obtuse and showing his advanced age and detachment (oh how I love the detachment, after three series of emo and taking!it!personally!Ten). I like that there's this sort of correlation between One and Eleven- I particularly loved the part in Vampires of Venice where he whips out his psychic paper and it shows One's picture. I will probably icon it when I get back!

I've been watching The Tudors as well, but I'm looking forward to the conclusion of the series; I find it so laughable that Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is supposed to be playing Henry VII in his decline; also his English accent's slipped badly in this series. Loving Joely Richardson as Katherine Parr though- that was excellent casting.

I expect I'll update while overseas- I'll actually have something to post about. ;p

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