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As far as second episodes, not too bad, at least compared with… - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...

As far as second episodes, not too bad, at least compared with previous ones (ugh, I still can't watch Tooth and Claw without cringing at Rose and Ten's werewolf squee just after that guard was killed).

I was a little bit concerned that Eleven was veering into the Ten territory with the shouting, but I'm glad they kept the Time War angst to a minimum. LOVED AMY IN THIS EPISODE. Wow, the Eleventh Hour was lacking in warm and fuzzy moments, but this was like the ultimate warm and fuzzy moment between the kind Space Whale and Amy seeing the Doctor's inherent goodness.

I'm kind of hoping Eleven will be a more in control Doctor than Ten, in the sense that Ten kind of went a bit mad with power in the end and it skewed his moral compass badly. Don't want that to happen again....at least for this incarnation. If it ultimately led to the creation of the Valeyard, that would be interesting.

And holy shit, Liz 10 is like the very personification of HBIC. Damn you Moff, for writing such an awesome character for only one episode. :/ Kind of like how we'll never see Sally Sparrow again because Carey Mulligan hit paydirt with An Education and has gone on to greater things.

Victory of the Daleks was slightly meh, even with Mark Gatiss writing. The combat Daleks serving tea and biscuits were pretty cool, not so sure about the next generation- looks more like a blatant grab for merchandising opportunities (collect all the new colours!) than anything. Ian McNeice was great as Churchill- I'm kind of willing to forgive the hammy moments because it's Doctor Who and not a srs bzns film/tv movie about the man.

The one thing I did enjoy about this episode was that it wasn't a completely happy ending- plotlines tend to be wrapped up neatly in DW, so the Daleks actually getting away made a pleasant change, along with Eleven's measured angst about it. Heard that there might be another Cybermen/Daleks face off in the finale though, which makes me facepalm- here's to hoping the Moff can inject something new into the plot and not make it into same tired device it was before.

Looking forward to the next two-parter- Alex Kingston was looking fierce in the trailer!

Pope Joan wasn't exactly lulzy, but I wasn't bowled over by it either. There was some history fail going on, and that's me talking as someone who doesn't even know that much about the middle ages but enough ecclesiastical history to see that the setting, some of the beliefs espoused by characters and some of the liturgical stuff was not right. The fact that neither Joan or her love interest (David Wenham used the same weird accent he used in 300 and it was AWFUL, sorry to say) aged over the course of the story was weird, and when she did become pope, she spent the rest of the film wearing this weird white powdery makeup (why?). Glad I saw it though, and John Goodman was surprisingly good as Pope Sergius (the pope before Joan).

Flying down to Melbourne tomorrow for Waiting for Godot. When I'm not watching Ian McKellen, I'll be busy pillaging Melbourne's bookshops. AWESOME.

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