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....these go to Eleven.

Watch out for the squee, guys. I just saw The Eleventh Hour!

I LOVED IT. It didn't give me the warm and fuzzies like The Christmas Invasion, but HOLY SHIT, you couldn't ask for a better kick-off. ALL PRAISE AND GLORY TO THE MOFF!

I really can't do a breakdown of why I loved this episode so much. The beginning had me a bit worried, but I think that was only because the CGI was terrible. Really though, I spent the rest of the episode trying not to squeal out of joy.

Eleven is awesome on first proper impressions, though obviously I'll hold judgement until episode two, since he spent most of this episode 'cooking'. I don't know about comparisons to previous Doctors- I like to think that each incarnation is unique and that the actors aren't overly influenced by what their predecessors did in the part- and I was a little concerned that Eleven might in fact be Ten lite, but I was wrong, huzzah! How refreshing to have a return to a Doctor who doesn't behave like he's a god but still has a ripe ego. And no CAPSLOCK OF RAGE or wangst!

LOVED Amy. Loved her whole backstory (THE DOLLS omg), loved her boyfriend who she doesn't treat like crap the way Rose was with Mickey, loved that she wasn't going to excuse Eleven for not coming back. Don't know about the plot- the whole point of the episode was the regeneration, so it was kind of secondary for me. No epic fail, and the monster of the week was suitably scary. I don't know about the new TARDIS interior yet, but I'm itching to see the new rooms!

So very optimistic, really. I don't expect all the episodes to be perfect, but I think the Moff will make a better job of showrunner than RTD- I suppose if he doesn't have to worry about Torchwood (which seems to have moved to the US with RTD) or SJA, he can fully focus his energies on DW, which is best for everyone involved, really.

Spoiler-free version? I LOVED IT, and I can't wait for next week!

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