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It's that time again...

So I'm going to have a crazy busy week, but I finished my blog assignment and had half a day off, so I went and saw Clash of the Titans.

You know what? I actually think the remake was worse than the original film.

asdkf'[;ahisdgnadsfia. SMH big time. WHERE ARE THE OTHER OLYMPIANS? Ok, they give Apollo and Poseidon a few lines, but the whole film is really only a pissing contest between Zeus and Hades. SO FUCKING DISAPPOINTED. Just like Percy Jackson, the other Olympians get relegated to background roles. And there was some good casting there! I mean, what's the damn point of casting ALEXANDER SIDDIG as Hermes if he's going to just sit on his throne and say nothing? ARGH. At least the 1981 film had the other gods meddling- but of course, that film didn't have Hades in it either- I'm not even sure you can call this film a remake, there's very little it has in common with the original.

There was so much potential win in this film, between casting Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Siddig, Pete Postlethwaite, Gemma Arterton, Polly Walker (still HBIC as Cassiopoeia), Hans Matheson and this entire stable of UK talent (and Danish- can't forget Mads Mikkelsen!)- and it was all for nothing. Liam Neeson was probably the best thing about the film- seriously, Zeus was awesome, I loved this sparkly version of Zeus and his Crowning Moment of Awesome ('RELEASE THE KRAKEN!'), and he's one of those rare actors who still looks attractive with a beard. But everybody else was more or less wasted, even Ralph Fiennes, who normally does evil really well. I don't know about Sam Worthington (I am possibly the only one on the planet who hasn't seen Avatar), but I am not at all surprised he took advice from Russell Crowe about doing this film- his whole performance reeked of Maximus, right down to the accent.

As for the myth.....I don't know, Greek myths can have a lot of variations, but this was still full of fail. They really messed up by putting Io in the film- I felt that she served no purpose, beyond being a love interest- the fun thing to do would be for Zeus to send his lover Io as a guide and Perseus being attracted to her but not able to act on it because of that. I think it should've been about Perseus and Andromeda, although I'm rather disappointed with what they did with her character- could she have been any more one dimensional? Didn't like the final battle, which was kind of boring compared to Perseus taking on scorpions, Acrisius and Medusa. CGI and special effects nicely done though- loved Pegasus, really loved the Djinn, even if they're in the wrong myth.

Also, they left out the best part of the myth: there was no Golden Shower of Conception. I AM DISAPPOINT. They could've at least had more of Liam Neeson Being Sexy.

So yeah. And right on cue, cleolinda's M15M of Clash of the Titans has landed. As always, A++++, would lol again! And I can't wait for the icons.

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