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*doink doink* - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet....
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
*doink doink*
....Jeff Goldblum's random awesome cameos on The Colbert Report have finally prompted me to go and download all of his Law and Order: Criminal Intent episodes. Damn you, Colbert bump!

Was going to use some of my bandwith to watch the Doctor Who premiere on ABC's iView player next Friday, but now I'm just going to watch it the ~old-fashioned~ way on the following Sunday. Besides, iView still kind of sucks- the ABC uploaded some of Jeremy Brett's old school Sherlock Holmes episodes for viewing, but I just gave up on watching them because the constant pauses in play for buffering were getting annoying. But anyway, excited for New Who- I haven't read any spoilers, but there seems to be an overwhelming opinion in the fandom that Eleven's off to a good start. Huzzah!

No Clash of the Titans yet, but hoping to rectify that soon. The reviews I've read so far have mostly described it as a bit of a hot mess, but I'll see it anyway- it's more fun if you get to snark! STILL grumbling about no Australian release for Agora, btw.

Just about got the blog project done- well, except that I haven't posted the reviews on the blog yet. But I'll do that this weekend, as well as prettying the blog up. I'm reasonably pleased with what I've done, but the idea of my peers reviewing my reviews is making me slightly nervous. Oh, well. Not any different from getting my thesis proposal critiqued, so I'll survive this. Glad to have the assignments out of the way though (the next two are due in late May and are also quite similar- both are case studies, I think?).

Current Mood: hopeful hopeful
Current Music: The Clash- Police on my back

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