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In my rush of excitement to get tickets to see Ian McKellen on stage (and I should also mention Roger Rees is co-starring- yeah that's right, Lord Marbury/the Sheriff of Rottingham is going to be there too!), I somehow completely missed that Paul McGann's hosting a screening of Withnail and I at the University of Melbourne on the 16th of this month. ._. Oh, well! Will have to wait another time to meet a Doctor.

I swear I've heard this rumour a million times already, but the rumour about a film sequel to Rome being made is still floating around. And I would totally see it but I don't know if it'd be as great as the series was (where I still cringe when I think about how much time lapsed and pretty much nobody except Augustus aged, wtf). I still think I, Claudius is the proper sequel to Rome, though I suppose there is a gap there between Rome that that series that can be filled by a film. I'd like to see them address Augustus' relationship with his stepson Tiberius addressed, and Atia should probably have a proper send-off (even though she was supposed to be dead by the end of series two). Don't know what they might do with Pullo and Vorenus in Germania, though fighting barbarians is highly probable, along with Vorenus being a woobie.

I feel like I'm in foreign territory with this information studies stuff. A lot of the terms are still completely leap-frogging over my head, though I'm somewhat comforted that the first assignment due is an annotated bibliography, which I know how to do. Another assignment involves creating a blog on Blogger and reviewing articles, so fairly safe stuff at the moment. Just have to make sure I don't fall into the trap of procrastinating, which is near-impossible. *sigh* Anyway! Off to make some contributions to a discussion on digital environments...
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