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Movies/More Who musings

I had to kill time for a couple of hours in the city before going to a friend's farewell party on Saturday night, so I went and saw Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

As a qualifier, I haven't read the books and probably won't. Most of the mythology was sound, so my nitpicks were few (like classics_lover said, they got the depiction of Hades all wrong, unless that was supposed to be the Tartarus part of the underworld). I think the cast were really what lured me to the film- seeing Kevin McKidd in a tunic and breastplate again was just about the highlight of the whole thing, even if his collective screentime would've only been about five minutes. Don't think I would see the sequel to this, as I really want moar Olympians for my money. Clash of the Titans will fill the void admirably, I'm sure. Or at least with lulz, especially considering that the 1981 version has quite a bit of Unintentional Funny in it.

Watched part 2 of The End of Time again on Sunday night with some friends. Watching it with other fans sort of made a difference to how I watched it- there was much more LOLing and less facepalming, even though Ten was still disappointingly woobie and the regeneration no less protracted on second viewing. I've just seen the new series five trailer though, and I'm quite excited about that- it was very silly (the trailer for series one always wins my vote as the best, because Eccleston addressing the camera was mesmerising), but Eleven and Amy were cute together, and it's made me want to bust out Photoshop for an Eleven icon (just have to find the right screencap...).

Not sure if I'll buy the 2009 specials dvd, though I hate to say I might have a peek at Rusty's book on writing Doctor Who (A Writer's Tale) after Lent, since it got some good reviews in the press.

Beginning my first foray into distance education next week- I sent back the forms and acceptance of offer slip back to Charles Sturt, and now I must wait for the study materials and all the rest of the assorted paraphernalia. After a year of not studying, I think I'll have to work on my study ethic and try very hard not to fall into the trap of being lazy. Wonder how this will pan out...

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