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A music post

Well, the post is mostly about music. Largely because everything else is work at the moment. The semester hasn't even begun and I'm already finding myself irritated beyond hell at customers asking the same questions over and over again, ugh. Also I am training new people (since I'll be studying again this year), and it is hard to do when we have so many customers. *sigh* Will persevere though, I always do.

Also, I've done nothing about my Hong Kong holiday that I'm supposed to be taking in March. I feel rather spoiled for choice with all the options in my Lonely Planet, and making decisions has been harder than it was for Japan, insofar as I had a reasonable knowledge of what Japan was like from my study of Japanese, but have not really scratched the surface with China. Will probably spend a good chunk of tomorrow fretting over what to do, as I will have to make a decision soon.

Aside from that, I will spend tomorrow's Australia Day public holiday very happily doing nothing else but reading and listening to Triple J's Hottest 100, even if the ABC leaked the number one song *grumble*. I was a bit disappointed with the result, but hold out hope that some of the songs I voted for get in the countdown.

One of my favourite artists of last year was Sarah Blasko, so you're getting spammed with two of her videos that I love and voted for in the countdown.

'All I Want'

'Bird on a Wire'


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