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The End of Time review - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
The End of Time review
Oh God, where to begin? Maybe best to categorize this review...

What was good about it
* The TARDIS being depicted in the stained glass window. LOVED IT.
* BERNARD CRIBBINS. I think everyone can agree that Wilf was a fantastic companion, and the right sort of companion for Ten's final story. Kind of liked that even though Donna was off-limits to the Doctor, at least her grandfather could fill the role just as well.
* John Simm, menacing and manic as ever, though still achieving some sympathy. I hope this is the last we'll be seeing of him as the Master though.
* All the Doctor/Master Ho!Yay, even more Ho!Yay than there was in the series three finale!
* The Master race. I mean, it made me LOL quite a bit, partly because I thought it would make the best premise for a sitcom and was deliberately written that way- Simm!Master is that sort of character, really. Also, it seems almost fitting for RTD to finish his run on the show by creating a meme which involves Simm!Master and 'MY HED IS PASTEDE ON YEY!'
* The fact that the Time Lords have their own Sybil. Also, Time Lords in general with their silly robes and the Council, which now looks suspisciously like the senate in the Galactic Republic in Star Wars.
* The fact that Doctor/Master is known to the Time Lords as the most epic bad break-up rivalry in the history of Gallifrey.
* The four knocks that ended Ten's life. Best moment in the two-parter, hands down.
* Ten's conversation with Rose at the end. Feel quite relieved that Rusty decided to write Ten meeting a pre-Nine Rose, as opposed to the usual crappy emo. Made me miss Nine/Rose, which I believe in more as a ship than I do Ten/Rose.
* Ten acting as wingman to Jack in the Mos Eisley Cantina. Jack/Alonso is a ship I can get behind (*rimshot*), partly because Alonso would be the perfect post-Ianto boyfriend and I wouldn't be disappointed if he turned up in Torchwood. Russell Tovey is a cute actor, what can I say? Was a little disappointed that no mention was made of what happened after Children of Earth though. I was hoping Ten would knock some sense into Jack about not abandoning Earth.
* O HAI ELEVEN! Way too early to make a proper impression (and I remember the last time this happened, fans were wanking left, right and center about David Tennant's first two minutes as Ten), but between those final minutes and the season five trailer, I'm quite optimistic.

What made me facepalm
* I was honestly expecting it to be much darker than it turned out to be, particularly after The Waters of Mars. A bit disappointed in that respect, particularly as it ended up being RTD's usual zany rollicking adventure-style finale.
* Found the whole Master's resurrection scene to be unbearably campy, and was frankly disappointed there was nothing significant about 'the hand of the Rani'. Alexandra Moen very good as a changed Lucy Saxon, but again underused. :/ Thought 'the books of Saxon' sounded kind of lame and cliche.
* The Time Lords are supposed to be the Big Bad of part two, and they're given hardly anything to do once they get out of the time lock. I mean, Timothy Dalton used to play JAMES BOND, I was really thinking there'd be more action and less standing around looking imperious!
* The incredibly long goodbye (I don't mind the 'Where are they now?' bits of New Who, but this went for freaking ever). Think Ten's regeneration should've just happened in the chamber- he was all curled up in a ball with his face hidden, and I think it would've been cool if we'd seen Eleven's face emerge after that with Wilf reacting.
* Rusty randomly pairing off Martha and Mickey, ARGH. I liked Tom! And Martha obviously liked Tom enough to get engaged to him. I really think this was throwing two characters together just for the hell of it, and just....*grumble* Though Martha becoming a mercenary fighter is very kickass, and Freema looked pretty fierce in the black combat gear with her hair in braids.
* 'I don't want to go.' Oh, FFS! Really hate Rusty for making these Ten's final words. It's just so unlike the Doctor to be a woobie about regenerating.

What I'm undecided on/Miscellaneous observations
* The Woman in White, aka the Doctor's Mother. IDK. Part of me thought it was very well-played and subtle and liked that his mother was also a renegade, the other part.....well, it removes some of the Doctor's mystery, I guess? Same deal with the Master talking about his childhood.
* If Timothy Dalton's character is now the Lord President of Gallifrey, then what happened to Romana? This stuff is important!
* And no, I'm sure Dalton!Time Lord's name is just Rassilon, he's not THE Rassilon. At least I hope he isn't. I still think of Rassilon as being Don Warrington. <3
* I'm sure everybody's said this by now, but that glove that President Rassilon wore was obviously the cousin of the resurrection gauntlet, except it was being used to kill rather than revive. Really wouldn't be surprised if the Risen Mitten was misappropriated Time Lord technology that went astray during the Time War.
* Donna. Did this really end with her still not remembering anything about her travels with Ten? I expected better from Rusty, but at the same time he probably would've butchered the scenario so maybe it was really for the best?
* Oddly enough, the regeneration, for all the glorious choral music and Ten's anguish and the explosions, didn't move me much. Nine's regeneration into Ten upset me more, if only because I loved and hated Christopher Ecclescake Eccleston for only doing the one series and not giving us more insight into Nine and his post Time-War mentality.

So overall, lots of stuff to love, and the usual amount of fail from Rusty which inevitably drags down the whole finale. Don't know if I'd re-watch the whole thing, I'd probably just watch the Ten/Master scenes because of the Ho!Yay.

So, Ten's era overall...
...was like the other Doctors- that is, there were good episodes and bad episodes. I think David Tennant generally did a very good job with the part. Even if what he had to work with could be really crap at times, nearly every episode I found something to enjoy about his performance. Ten is not my favourite Doctor (my top three favourite incarnations are One, Four and Nine), but he's not the worst by far. If Tennant had chosen to stay on and depending on what direction Moffat might have taken the character, I think I'd probably enjoy him a bit more.

I don't know about the companions- I liked all of them in one way or another, and loved Martha, Donna and Adelaide. RTD handled Mickey's character arc very well, even with the random hookup with Martha at the end- Mickey went from being a stupid third wheel to being quite an interesting and arse-kicking character in his own right. I'm delighted that he gave Sarah Jane her own spinoff and insight into her life outside of travelling with the Doctor. Conversely, he turned Rose into a blindly devoted fangirl in series two and then ended her story by giving her what amounted to a blow-up doll version of the Doctor. And Jack's gone through some character assasination too. So yeah, IDK. I'll be interested to see what Amy Pond will be like, being the first companion entirely created and written by the Moff.

And what about RTD's tenure as showrunner?
Er, enormously split on this. Grateful because he resurrected Doctor Who, and cast two very talented actors to play the part. Brought back the best of Old School Who (Sarah Jane, the Daleks, the Sontarans, the Master). Produced two quite decent spinoffs and introduced some memorable characters. But then he wrote episodes full of self-indulgent crap (especially where romance is concerned) and tried to shove anvil-sized pop culture references in. When Rusty is good, he's very good, and when he's bad....well, we get Love and Monsters and Doomsday. And I think he's a bit of a IRL troll too, really. Especially when it comes to his attitude towards fandom. So yeah.

I for one welcome our new Scottish overlord, aka The Grand Moff. I don't doubt that he will be disappointing at times, but I'm hoping that even at his very worst, he'll still trump RTD.

And now for the long wait for season five, which probably won't screen here until July at the earliest. *sigh*

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