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So, this Christmas lark...

I've managed to avoid most of the Christmas shopping crowds this year by doing most of my shopping online. Mum is getting Barbara Kingsolver's latest novel The Lacuna, and Dad is getting a Peter Dawson CD (Dawson is a famous bass tenor from the 40s/50s, and Dad likes to sing along whenever his music is played on Classic FM). I don't particularly have any wants this year, though a second bookcase would be nice....plz Santa? Will probably get more books though, so the bookcase is at the top of next year's birthday wishlist (and I'm turning 25, so something practical would be nice).

Really though the highlight of the holiday season is the awesome programming- Channel 7 in particular seem to have a big crush on Stephen Fry at the moment and are screening Kingdom (and one of his Bones episodes also got an airing). John Adams has finally made it to Australian free-to-air- it started screening on SBS three weeks ago, and if you love costume drama and British actors, then you should watch (Sunday nights, 9:30). Next week's episode has Tom Hollander playing George III and it is so LOL-worthy. Now, if only it would get a dvd release here! Also watched a Black Adder Christmas Carol for the first time in years (and completely forgot about the horror of seeing Tony Robinson in a leather speedo D:), and Colbert Christmas will be showing again on Christmas day, so looking forward to that.
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