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Just a quick update...I am alive....

....and incredibly tired, but I have survived my first foray into being a bridesmaid. Spent 2-3 odd hours having my hair pulled and my face painted, and then another few hours being photographed in various poses while making sure the train on the bride's dress didn't get too dirty or caught on anything. And I still can't dance, despite the efforts of the best man, who can dance very well and tried very hard to get me onto the floor for a few turns. A good night and a very late night.

One of the best parts of the day wasn't at the wedding, but was rather visiting the Mary Ryan's bookshop on Park road that morning (let me put it this way- going to the bookshop made the day get off to a great start)- we were staying about five minutes away and had just had breakfast. While the bride and the rest of the bridesmaids went back to the hotel, I went in for a little look around. First thing I noticed was Robert Harris' Lustrum on the shelves already!! I decided to buy it then and there and cancelled my Amazon UK order. I'll finish the book I'm currently reading (on cults of various saints) and then I'm devouring that book like a hungry beast. More (fictional) Cicero at last! Thinking about buying a copy for my friend Brendan too, since he's heading on a long overseas holiday soon and I'd previously given him Imperium as a present, which he enjoyed.

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