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Books/Football/Wedding stuff

And on the twenty-fifth day of the ninth month, Borders branched into online sales. And the Lord saw that it was good. And about damn time too, Australia is tragically lacking in online booksellers- I'll be interested to see how Fishpond will respond- hopefully the new competition will result in lower prices.

I re-read Imperium earlier this week in anticipation of Lustrum, which is coming out in two weeks- I did it in about two days flat. I really hope that Lustrum is not a disappointment, but it'd be very hard for Robert Harris to make the Catiline conspiracy boring or unreadable, not when the source material is as rich as it is.

St Kilda were beaten by 12 points by Geelong for the AFL premiership today. I sobbed like a baby, absolutely won't lie about that. It has now been 43 years since St. Kilda won its last premiership. The only solace I can take is that at least I don't support Footscray, who have not won a premiership in 55 years. Dad was down at the MCG today to support the Saints- if I'm feeling crushing disappointment right now, I can only imagine how he's feeling. :'(

One week until I'm summoned for bridesmaid duty. The hen's day (a trip to a day spa at Surfers) last Saturday went well, as did the bridal shower (a delicious high tea at the Stamford Plaza) on Sunday, but I was exhausted by the end of it all. This plus the expenses involved have led me to the conclusion that I don't want any of this fuss if I get married. The wedding should be good though, and I have the advantage of living five minutes away from both the wedding and reception venues, so while it'll be a late night, I won't have a long trek home ahead of me afterwards.

And now, I'm off to find myself a little glass of butterscotch and watch some Michael Palin on BBC Knowledge.
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