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Bits and pieces

Currently fangirling over: the new Agora trailer.

There is no Australian release date for this. WHY?! I am starved for a good film about the classical world. I watched The Last Legion on cable last week and felt sorry that Kevin McKidd (pre-Lucius Vorenus), Colin Firth and Ben Kingsley took part in such a huge mountain of fail. It was nearly as bad as King Arthur, though not quite there.

Also, I have been rewatching Hornblower since it's being repeated on ABC2 on Sunday nights. Robert Lindsay still kicks so much arse as Pellew. He's all blustery and a bit like Hornblower's surrogate father/mentor figure, and I am completely baffled why he doesn't get more love in the fandom- maybe it's the sheer amount of devotion to Archie/Horatio? *puzzled*

Finally: Dexter Fletcher is on Twitter. And as awesome as it is to see his vacation photos from Indonesia on TwitPic (dives, his hair is looking particularly mussed in a lovely way), my general feelings about Twitter are still similar to Conan O'Brien's. *sigh*

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